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Building, running, and managing
AI factories
for Industry 5.0

Global innovator in transitions and transformations

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"High performance organisations jump s-curves by investing early in new growth engines."

Speaker. Author. Change Maker.

Dr Chris is a highly respected public academic and strategic advisor for companies, governments, and civil society with a progressive focus on innovations at the triangulation of digital, green, and socio-economic development. He is realistic, intellectually curious, socially conscious and committed to creating a better future for everyone by understanding and acting on the complex interplay of these critical issues.


​Business-as-usual is insufficient to keep humanity safe and progressing in these challenging times so as an expert in the grand arcs of progress in these domains, Dr Chris develops solutions, and provides practical and valuable insights and guidance to clients across multiple industries, media commentary, and public speaking on how to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing global economy and foster more informed and energised public discourse and engagement.

Strategic Advisory

Work with Dr Chris.

All my engagements start with an exploratory chat to scope mutual fit. Please get in touch to arrange.

An innovation advisor to global corporations, governments and social enterprises. Bespoke discrete project or ongoing retained engagements

Contract Research

A rigorous and credible academic-grade research partner with a world-class track record and research team on delivery against outcomes.

Responsible AI

Strategy, development and governance for safe, responsible and practical value creation with AI solutions for organisations

Public Speaking

Evidence-based, engaging, and compelling talks, panels, and curation on innovation themes from executive dinners through 10K+ audiences.

High impact domains.



work and creativity with AI

Dr Chris has over 15-years-experience implementing safe and beneficial AI solutions as force multipliers to augment human inspiration, wellbeing, productivity, performance, and creativity.


He specialises in customising and governing AI experiences for organisations, technological breakthroughs and areas of commercial application for artificial general intelligence (AGI) and how we can collaborate with AI systems to accelerate solutions to wicked problems.

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clean energy and growth

As an expert in emerging technologies and sustainability, Dr Chris advocates for an accelerated transition from fossil fuels to clean energy and net zero.


He is a Strategy Officer for the World Economic Forum (WEF) platform ‘Shaping the Future of Energy, Materials and Infrastructure’ specialising in system thinking solutions for energy security, human development, climate change, and sustainable economic growth.

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human values and development

As we advance, it's important to recognize the ethical considerations and potential risks associated with progress. Large scale changes are required to achieve a sustainable and equitable society and risks and opportunities are better managed through gradual and iterative transitions.


Dr Chris contributes from the front lines of change on how the non-linear shift from one state to another can align values with value.

Arial View of Green Field

Green Innovation is the greatest economic opportunity of the century.

It defines global citizenship, attracts customers, drives profitability, market position and competitiveness.

Trusted by Global Innovators.

Organisations working with Dr Chris embrace evolutions and revolutions of change and value creation driving purpose and competitiveness.

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Industry Roles.

Dr Chris holds a number of formal posts with organisations alongside his advisory engagements.

These include:

  • Director of Innovation, Institute of Management Studies (IMS) - Goldsmiths, University of London

  • Industrial Strategy Officer, Future of Energy, Materials and Infrastructure - World Economic Forum (WEF)

  • Chairman of Innovation, Advisory Board Member - Edelman

  • Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) - Symmetry Research 

  • Innovation and Sustainability Advisor - Red Badger


The job of the human being in collaborating with generative AI is setting goals and remaining experimental, curious, and excited about its use to spark, inspire, streamline, and solve.

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Disruptor. Innovator. Future Maker.


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